Reports Say Tristan Is 'Desperately' Trying To Win Back Khloe And Spend Time With His Daughter

Reports Say Tristan Is 'Desperately' Trying To Win Back Khloe And Spend Time With His Daughter

While his first son doesn't even carry his last name.

Published April 17, 2018

Tristan Thompson is trying his luck to win over Khloé Kardashian after he humiliated her with his not-so-secret cheating habit, according to sources close to the family.

Although there have been rumors that Khloé has already forgiven the Cavaliers' player, the word is Tristan is not quite in the clear.

"Unfortunately for True, Tristan is unsure as to his future with Khloé," a source told In Touch. "He's offered to spend his off days with Khloé and the baby, and she said no. He's offered to pay for two nannies and another assistant to help Khloé with the baby while he's in the playoffs, but she's declined. He's really trying to be as active and present as he can, but Khloé tells him she's got all the help she needs from her family."

According to the source, "Tristan is sorry for everything and never meant for any of this to happen."

"The Kardashians gave Tristan hell in the delivery room," a different source told In Touch about the energy of the delivery room on April 12. "Kris [Jenner] and Kim [Kardashian] were side-eyeing him and didn’t even want him to be there. They basically didn’t speak to him at all and Kris didn’t even want him to hold his daughter."

After the new mom left the hospital, Tristan has reportedly been apologizing profusely and partially blamed the media for the inflating the story.

"He's telling her that the girl he was with at the hotel is [a friend of a friend] and that the video of him kissing that chick last year was a stupid bet he made with one of his teammates," an insider told In Touch.

While Tristan bows down to Khloé and tries to get her back, he still rarely speaks of his first son that he had with Jordy Craig. A recently shared birth certificate revealed Tristan is not even named as the child’s father.

Written by BET Staff

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