Matt Barnes Claps Back At Woman Who Trolled His Son's Photo

Matt Barnes Claps Back At Woman Who Trolled His Son's Photo

While many appreciated the effort, some thought the comeback was weak.

Published December 11th

Matt Barnes may have been a champion on the court, but it looks like he needs some more practice when it comes to the art of the clapback. 

Over the weekend, Barnes and his girlfriend, Anansa Sims, welcomed their newborn baby boy, Ashton Joseph. Excited by his new bundle of joy, Barnes posted a photo of baby AJ to Instagram. 

However, when one Instagram user took a shot at his family with a dig about his child support situation, the ex-Golden State player clapped back...or at least he tried. 

"She gon get you next for child support like the other 3...haaa," wrote @chythesly.

"You do freelance makeup for the circus," Barnes responded, probably referencing her eye makeup.

While it was a nice effort for the father to stick up for himself and his family, most people on Instagram agreed, "this ain't it."

"Sorry but that clapback was a pat- back cause her makeup look (fire emoji)," wrote @_tha.bih_.

"These are 40 yr old black dad comebacks," commented @chelsearoycetavares.

"Boooooo her make up is nice (Jess hilarious voice)" wrote @pretty_kittee.

"Matt usually got better comebacks than this smh," commented @thenamesviva.

We can't really blame Barnes for the tepid remark, with his new baby and recent child support reduction, perhaps the former NBA star is just too happy to be petty. 

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Griffin Lipson/BFA/Shutterstock)


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