11 Single Moms Favorite Part of Being a Young Parent

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11 Single Moms Favorite Part of Being a Young Parent

Let's pay homage to all the hardworking single moms. We thank you!

Published February 23, 2017

  1. Taylor Jane
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    "My favorite part of being a young mom is the fun and energy I have with my son, Tyson. Since I'm younger I have tons of energy to match his contagious smile and light in his eyes. He has shown me the true value of patience and the meaning of unconditional love. Being a young mother is trying and difficult but the look in your child's eyes makes it all worth it."

  2. Jasmine Moreland
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    "The best part of being a young parent is being able to relate more to their obstacles. Since I'm a young parent, I'm a realist and don't expect my daughter to live a fantasy life. I want her to follow her own dream no matter what it may be. Being a young parent also helps me be more open with my child and guide her down the right path by telling her about my own mistakes."

  3. Danielle Lemon
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    "Even though you have to grow up fast, they give you a chance to be a child again and experience some of the greatest and most innocent parts of your childhood through them. But my ultimate favorite part is that I’m not just blessed to see her grow, she gets to see me grow and develop as a woman as well."

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    "My favorite part of being a young mother would be having active grandparents in her life. It's truly a blessing to know that they will have a long to spend with her and myself. They're able to see her grow up with me. As a young parent, another plus is that I'm also always full of energy and get to share that energy with my daughter." 

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    "My favorite part about being a mom is the newfound joy and motivation that Monroe has brought into my life! It's literally like a whole new world and each day there is something new with her. Recently, she started blowing on her food to cool it down before eating it and she's only 1. Can't wait for what's to come."

  6. LaTasha Wilson
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    "Being a young mother has allowed me to have a very flexible schedule. I'm in school and so is my son. As students, as well as mother and son, we are both learning and really understanding each other. Since I'm in school, I'm able to spend more time with my son than other mothers might. I'm able to apply lessons I learn in life and school to teaching and raising my child. Despite being a young mother, these life lessons have helped us to grow together!"

  7. Veronica acosta
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    "My girls always have my back. Being young and going through many obstacles there would be times I break down and just cry from how difficult it is to bring food on the table or when the car would need fix but I don't have enough funds. A little voice and small hands would come and comfort me and tell me, 'Mommy, it's OK. Don't cry, god will help us.' That right there keeps me going. Seeing you in them. And knowing they are receiving the best care and unconditional love.

  8. Tiyai Arielle
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    "I'm able to raise my child in the now. While I'm creating my life's path and work as a community organizer, he comes with me to mostly everything I'm part of. Cameron is growing up in inclusion. He's around folks of color, trans and non-binary folks and other marginalized identities. I'm able to raise my child in a way that he won't have to unlearn and relearn harmful sentiment."

  9. Ayana Iman
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    "Being a young mother challenged me to be the best version of myself. I am her teacher. I am her provider. I didn't want to look back on my life and be bitter, so I decided that it was in our best interest to go full steam ahead. We grow together and she's helped me to do that." 

  10. Alechia Reese
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    "The best thing about having my daughter young was that she instilled a drive in me at an early age. She pushed me to make an impact and work with some of the best corporations and influencers. She helped me to achieve my dreams. My daughter did that for me and I'm forever grateful for her."

  11. Andrea calderon
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    "The best part of being a young mom is knowing that I can be an example to my daughter. I can show her that no matter what life throws our way we can push through and move ahead with in our lives. My daughter gives me strength and without her depending on me I wouldn't have been able to keep my head high and deal with whatever brings. I feel as if because I'm a young mom I will be able to understand her better and help to guide her through her struggles."

Written by Milena Toro

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