Let's Stay Together Episode 201 Recap

Let's Stay Together Episode 201 Recap

Charles and Stacy finally tie the knot; Tasha's old flame creates tension between her and Jamal.

Published January 9, 2012

When we last saw the Let’s Stay Together crew in April, Charles was set to walk down the aisle and marry the love of his life, Stacy.

But when it came time to say “I do,” Charles was nowhere to be found, as he ran out of the church, leaving Stacy to wonder if the wedding was off. Little did she know that Charles was actually trapped in an elevator and had every intention of marrying Stacy.

After an angry Stacy returns to the house, Kita is the only voice of reason in suggesting that something must have happened to Charles, because he knew how much his big brother was in love with her.    

Stacy’s mother, Judge Lawrence, who was never a fan of Charles in the first place, tries to console her daughter and has even enrolled her in a matchmaking service in order to help with the healing process.

While the ladies figure out what to do next, the doorbell rings and it’s Troy with the wedding gifts that were left at the church. If you don’t remember Troy, he appeared in the season finale and was an old ex-college boyfriend of Tasha.

With her husband nowhere in sight, Tasha decides to help Troy bring the gifts in from the car while they catch up. Sensing some possible flirtation from Troy, Judge Lawrence forces Troy out the door before Tasha can get herself in trouble. But before he can leave, Jamal comes through the door along with Charles, who is attached to an IV unit and accompanied with a paramedic, played by Damien Wayans.  

Charles apologies to Stacy for what happened at the wedding and explains to her that he wrote a poem that he wanted to read, but he left it in the car. While Charles chases after Stacy, Jamal meets Troy and summons her into the kitchen to have a discussion as to why he’s over at the house.

Back upstairs, Charles explains how he tried to escape from the trapped elevator and that it took seven hours before he was rescued. Instead of going to the hospital, Charles had the ambulance drive him straight to the house. With his car back at the church, Charles finds a draft of his poem that he wrote for Stacy and reads it to her. While not the world’s greatest poet, Charles once again pleads Stacy to forgive him and pops the question for a second time.

Charles and Stacy decide to get married on the spot, even though she’s wearing a pink robe instead of her wedding dress. Judge Lawrence leads the intimate ceremony in their living room as Charles and Stacy officially become husband and wife.

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Written by Marcus Vanderberg


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