Distinguished Taste: Top 5 Drinks For Men To Order At The Bar

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Distinguished Taste: Top 5 Drinks For Men To Order At The Bar

The drink you order at the bar says a lot about you. What does yours say?

Published February 15, 2018

When you're out and about, you're constantly subject to the thoughts and opinions of others. Not that what people think of you should matter more than the view you have of yourself, but you should also do your best to make sure that the perception and the reality of who you are are congruent.

This is especially true when out for drinks. Don't be the person who waits in line to place an order, and still holds everyone up ("lemme get uhhhh..."). There are plenty of drinks aside from Henny, and while they will expand your cultural horizons, you might actually like the taste of one of our suggestions below:

  1. Old Fashioned
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    This drink is the definition of a classic. It has its origins in the late 19th century U.S., and many people consider it the "first true cocktail." There's even a website dedicated to preserving the integrity of the Old Fashioned's recipe. Over time, folks have added their own unique twists to it, but the original Old Fashioned says that your tastes are timeless, and that your drink doesn't need many frills to make a statement.

  2. Martini
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    Quite possibly the most "grown-ass man" beverage you can order, it's usually being enjoyed by a man in a suit (think classic James Bond), and even the raised martini glass itself has a distinguished appearance. When you order this one, you'll need to know what your options are. Within the realm of the classic martini, you have a few options:

    • Gin or vodka (the classic martini is made with gin, but vodka might be your preference)
    • Dry, perfect, or wet (this relates to the amount of and type of vermouth)
    • Shaken or stirred (shaken with ice is more likely to leave shards in your drink)
    • Straight up or on the rocks (either in a chilled martini glass, or a cocktail glass with ice)
    • With a twist (either an orange/lemon peel twist, or the traditional olive)
  3. Whiskey
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    A favorite on the Mancave set, whiskey is a tried and true manly drink. What's perfect is that even though it falls underneath a particular umbrella, there are plenty of variations that can suit different palates - from Scotch, to bourbon, to rye. Whether you prefer it neat (without ice), or on the rocks, this is a quality choice at pretty much any social event.

  4. Jack and Coke
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    Let's be real; sometimes, you want to turn up in the most efficient way possible. A Jack & Coke is a tasteful, tasty, and affordable way to make that happen.

  5. Beer
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    Because when you know yourself, you know that beer comes in over a thousand different varieties, and that there's one perfectly suited to your taste. It's generally more cost-friendly than stronger spirits, too, so you can save some cash. 

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Written by BET Staff

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