About 'Tales'

A one-hour anthology series that distills classic hip-hop records and reimagines them as cinematic love letters. Read below to learn about the "F**K THE POLICE" cast.

"Tales" episode 101 - F*ck Tha Police. (Photo: Mark Hill/BET)

Tales: 'F**k the Police' Cast

Boris Kodjoe

Ray Vance

(Photo: BET)

Boris Kodjoe plays gentle giant prosecutor Ray Vance, who takes on the case against the police department after the murder of Jaden Jenkins. Finally seeing how his own society is so heavily divided, he risks everything to go to trial.

Clifton Powel

Bob Davis

(Photo: Mark Hill/BET)

Clifton Powell plays Bob Davis, who is the host of a popular news program. He believes that the struggles white people face are brought upon by themselves. Despite having a white employee, Brody, Bob is open about his disdain for the white community.

Nafessa Williams


(Photo: BET)

Nafessa Williams plays Jenny Davis, the younger wife of Bob Davis. She doesn't share Bob’s harsh racial and political views and her sympathy for the mistreated white people translates to a love affair with Brody. Though lovers in private, Jenny doesn’t acknowledge their relationship publicly nor does she defend Brody when his life is endangered.

Matthew Noszka


(Photo: BET)

Matthew Noszka plays Brody, the young man who witnesses the murder that becomes the talk of the town. He's approached to be the star witness in the case. As tensions rise and his name spreads around, Brody becomes less and less sure that he'll be able to stand up to the pressure of a society built to make him fail.