About 'Tales'

A one-hour anthology series that distills classic hip-hop records and reimagines them as cinematic love letters.

"Tales" episode 104 - Trap Queen. Michelle Mitchenor as Crystal and Jessica Parker Kennedy as Unique. (Photo: BET)

Meet the Cast from the "Trap Queen" Episode of 'Tales'

Lance Gross


(Photo: BET)

Lance Gross plays Reggie - A strip club owner and go-getter who’s willing to risk it all in order to live the high life with his girlfriend, Crystal 

Michelle Mitchenor


(Photo: BET)

Michelle Mitchenor plays Crystal - A book smart accountant and “ride or die” girlfriend whose morals are tested when she discovers that she’s managing dirty money for her boyfriend’s strip club.

J. Alphonse Nicholson


(Photo: BET)

J. Alphonse Nicholson plays Ricky  - A savage drug dealer whose credibility is threatened after he is underhanded by Reggie.