Rap Recap: Episode 3 of 'The Mane Event'

"Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka'oir: The Mane Event" episode 102 - Kathy Romero. (Photo: BET)

Rap Recap: Episode 3 of 'The Mane Event'

We've got a rap up of each episode of "The Mane Event." Missed episode 3? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Published November 1st

This luncheon Keyshia planned is a mess

And we need to decompress

Bridesmaids throwing shade, bringing unnecessary stress

Low-key Amina's ratchet and Erica's a snore

But saying she ain't team Wopsters was going a little too far

Kathy scouts Miami for the perfect venue

She shows options to Keyshia and the queen does not approve

Please don't get so dramatic, Kathy gets bold

But Keyshia walks out and leaves her fired and out in the cold

It’s actually really hot and things are steaming

But Keyshia’s had it up to here because her wedding vision is one she’s been dreaming

She’s not taking "no" for any reason

Cause everyone needs to act like they know, this is Wopster season


Still no maid of honor and there's so much to be done

The girls hit a sex shop for some well-deserved fun

Planning a lavish bachelorette party, lingerie themed

And a diamond-studded masquerade mask for our ice queen

Keyshia hits the radio to do some press

Shutting down rumors, what a hot mess

She meets up with her friend Monica 'cause she can’t take no more

She wants everyone to stop sweating her

Unless they’re sweating in her line Ka’oir


Can she deal with the drama and all the haters?

We’ll find out when Monica gives her the real deal when we return a little later…

Written by Kristen Carter


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