Boxed Water Really Is Better

(Photo: Boxed Water Is Better.)

Boxed Water Really Is Better

H2O just got a healthier look.

Published July 29, 2016

If you’re anything like me, you probably do your best to stay both healthy and environmentally conscious. After finding out that some plastic water bottles contain the BPA chemical and that America’s demand for bottled water alone uses more than 17 million barrels of oil per year, I wanted to find a way to manage to make my daily water goal (2 liters or more, people!) but smarter. Yes, there’s always the option of using a filter but that is definitely impractical in an office setting or on the go. It didn’t take much research to find that there actually is a feasible alternative. What about filtered water served in a box? A box of water? I know right. It sounds crazy. It looks crazy but it’s just crazy enough to be the answer to this great hydrate debate. 

It’s not every day that you spot someone drinking water from what resembles a milk carton but it should actually be more common. Boxed Water is better than bottled water for both you and the environment considering that it is triple filtered for purity, BPA free and the entire carton is recyclable.

We should all really care about our daily impact on this planet, but if going there is too deep for you, perhaps you need a more shallow incentive, like a celebrity endorsement. Lucky for you, cool rich people like Pharrell Williams, Christina Milian, and Chrissy Teigen are also all drinking Boxed Water.

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As Boxed Water grows in both popularity and influence thanks to aforementioned celeb fans, it is pretty cool that the company decided to use their reach for even more good. They partnered with the Retree campaign which is an initiative to plant two trees in exchange for every social media post of Boxed Water with the hashtag #Retree. Additionally, 76% of the box that Boxed Water comes in is made of paper that comes from well-managed forests. The company uses thin foil barriers to keep the product fresh as well as HDPE for the waterproof liner and cap. How’s that for overachieving?

What’s best about Boxed Water is their mission centered around three specific pillars: waste less, do more and live well. This water, though trendy, promotes a healthy lifestyle for consumers and positive changes for the environment. As a non-celebrity endorser and fan, it is a must-try.

Written by Brianna Holt

(Photo: Boxed Water Is Better.)


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