This Service Will Deliver 4/20 Essentials to Your Door... in 30 Minutes or Less

(Photo: Def Jam Recordings/SRP)

This Service Will Deliver 4/20 Essentials to Your Door... in 30 Minutes or Less

Whether you need papers, munchies, or a G Pen, GoPuff's got you.

Published April 20, 2017

Alas, the blessed day of 4/20 is upon us. While we revel in the sights (nugs on nugs), smells (smoke), and sounds (ligher flicks) of the highest of holidaze, we want to share a lil' pro-tip with you that will ensure this day is as effortless as possible. Whether you've ambitiously left the house to experience life through green-colored glasses (in which case, congratulations) or you're stuck to the couch, behold, a way to lessen the logistical efforts associated with your *cough* high maintenance: goPuff.

GoPuff is a delivery service that will bring you all the accoutrements you need for a successful 4/20 in under a half hour (minus flower and oil). So in the elapsed time it would take you to lose your lighter, accuse all your friends of pocketing it, and then find you've been sitting on it, you can have papers, munchies, hell, even a rolling machine (only for the truly lazy; on any other day, this would rightly be considered amateurish) at your doorstep. Can we get a "haha, niiice" one time?  

The idea behind goPuff's inception was simple: "There was ways to get pizza and Chinese food delivered but you couldn't get a pint of Ben and Jerry's and condoms delivered at two in the morning," said Jake Levin, goPuff's director of marketing. The company actually hosts a multitude of household items, be it health-minded groceries, laundry detergent or tampons. On average, each of goPuff's 18 country-wide locations has approximately 3,000 items available for purchase, and in most cities, delivery is 24/7 and costs only $1.95. GoPuff is also rapidly expanding, adding about one city to its roster each month, so if you're not currently within a delivery area, don't fret, you soon will be. 

This is not your mother's delivery service. Created "by millennials for millennials," goPuff is truly a brand that gets it. Orders placed today will include a free gift baggie with items meant to "enhance" your day. And if you do happen to purchase smoking products, you'll receive a free, branded lighter with your order (a nice touch, considering one can truly never have enough lighters). 

So order, roll, light one, and take comfort in the fact that your stuff is likely on its way by the time you get to the filter. Just try not to forget you've ordered so you don't freak out when someone knocks on the door... posi vibes only, my dude. Happy 4/20 from your friends at BET!

Written by Lainey Sidell

(Photo: Def Jam Recordings/SRP)


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