See The Black Triplets That This White Woman Gave Birth To Naturally

(Photo: Courtesy of Aaron Halbert)

Aaron and Rachel Halbert

See The Black Triplets That This White Woman Gave Birth To Naturally

The couple now has five children.

Published May 20, 2017

With all the racism still going on today, it’s nice to hear a story about true love and sacrifice.

That’s what Aaron and Rachel Halbert, a young white married couple did when they not only adopted two dark-skinned children (one boy, one girl), but also delivered three other black children via embryos that were frozen for 15 years.

This story is so miraculous for a number of reasons. First, Rachel had been having complications conceiving children of her own. Second, the couple was only expecting to have two children as only two embryos had been implanted into her. One had apparently split into two and therefore she birthed Ryley, Anne Waverly and Whitley.

The Aaron and Rachel says they’ve been a targets of disapproving looks from both white and black people.

"We knew, especially in the South, that a white couple with non-white children would draw a myriad of different reactions,” Aaron told the Washington Post. “There will always be the older white woman in Walmart who stared at us with sheer disgust, or the African-American mother who looked at us and just shook her head."

Regardless, the couple chose to actually back up the true principles of their evangelical faith and embrace all humanity, while providing homes to children who may not otherwise have one. Their family has reportedly been super supportive of their decisions so far.

"It’s been heartening to see virtually all of our friends and family express overwhelming support for our family and the unusual ways we’ve built it,” Aaron says. “In our minds, we are just living out our dream. A dream that may not look like the average family, but one that we are thankful could come true in light of our country’s history.”

See pics of the full family below (via Facebook).

Written by Paul Meara

(Photo: Courtesy of Aaron Halbert)


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