Beyoncé's Project With Laverne Cox Has Finally Been Revealed

(Photo: Ivy Park)
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Date: 9/6/17

Beyoncé's Project With Laverne Cox Has Finally Been Revealed

She got in formation.

Published September 7, 2017

While the athleisure gods may still be mourning the cancellation of this season's Yeezy show, they have provided us another offering in the form of Ivy Park's newest drop. (So thoughtful, those athleisure gods are!) The young activewear line, headed by none other than Queen Bey, has added menswear to its offerings with this release, so now everyone can cover themselves head to toe in Beyoncé's designs. Hooray for sartorial equality!


The new drop, called "Strong Beyond Measure," focuses on diversity for its campaign, and damn, we just have to say — it's dope as hell. You may recall Laverne Cox recently declared she was Up To Something with Beyoncé on a project we'd soon see. This appears to be it! The trans icon stars front and center in these ads, and she looks absolutely gorg.

Aside from casting Cox, the other big freaking deal about this campaign is the presence of Karen McDonald, a 64-year-old LA-based dancer, who KILLS it and looks absolutely amazing, proving that ageism with regard to modeling is total BS! 

Bey cast a campaign with models of all shades of brown, because Bey is the best and she knows that Black is beautiful! We've got LGBTQ peeps represented, we've got women represented, we've got dark-skinned folks represented, we've got people above *typical* model-age represented, and we've got light-skinned freckled folks represented! 

Dear everyone with a marketing team: cease your operations and only allow Beyoncé and Rihanna's teams to execute your stuff from now on. (RiRi's ad for Fenty Beauty, released last week, also puts true diversity on full display.) These two women are perhaps the only people in the beauty and fashion spheres who know that ~diversity~ is not merely one Black model in an otherwise homogeneous landscape. Imagine what the industry would look like if POCs were afforded equal opportunities more often... really makes you think! It would definitely provide us with more amazing casting choices such as this one.

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Written by BET Staff

(Photos: Ivy Park)


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