'Atlanta' And 'Deadpool' Actress Zazie Beetz Rejects The 'American' Concept Of Showers – And Fans Are Shooketh

Zazie Beetz

'Atlanta' And 'Deadpool' Actress Zazie Beetz Rejects The 'American' Concept Of Showers – And Fans Are Shooketh

The German-born actress feels like "Americans shower too much."

Published 2 weeks ago

Written by Tweety Elitou

It's no secret that Atlanta star Zazie Beetz is stunning! From her all-natural hair to her flawless skin, one would think her beauty routine takes hours — with a medley of essential oils exuding from her bathtub as she takes a soothing soak — but according to the 28-year-old beauty, she’s good-to-go with a little “cat wash.”

Like an open book, Zazie has never shied away from sharing her beauty choices, including choosing to not shave her armpits, so true fans were not surprised when she opened up in an interview with Into The Gloss, about her choice to not shower every day.

“I actually think Americans shower too much. I like a cat wash — I do my face, my armpits, and my… intimates,” Zazie openly confessed.

Now that is one way to conserve water! 

Just as Black Twitter erupted with news that some people don’t wash their legs in the shower,  users aired out their confusion on the matter.

While it may sound a little uncanny that she’d opt for a birdbath style of washing, the German-born actress doesn’t want fans to get it twisted, she’s all about staying moisturized and smelling her best. 

“I’ll use cocoa butter to moisturize. Nostalgic and functional — and it smells wonderful,” she added. “Sometimes I use Sabon’s body scrub, but most of the time I just make my own with brown sugar and an oil, or brown sugar and honey. That’s quick and easy.”

Zazie went on to reveal that while she doesn’t personally use perfumes, she does smell delicious thanks to her use of beauty products.

“I don’t use any perfumes… they’re so expensive. For years, I have been saying that I want a scent, because I love when you smell somebody and think, ‘Ah, you smell like you.’ But I kind of do have a scent — it’s just from the products I use, and not from perfume,” she said.

So what does the Joker star do with all the extra time she saves on lathering up her entire body? Zazie shared her nighttime beauty routine, which consists of YouTube and serious patience. 

“Almost every night before bed, I’ll pull up something to watch, usually YouTube, and spend an hour combing and braiding my hair. That’s my ritual,” she shared. 

She continued, “I usually put in an oil, or this Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme, or a mask from Shea Moisture. You’re supposed to wash it out, but I leave it in. Maybe I do 15 braids. I’ve never liked the way it feels to sleep on silk — it feels sort of grimy. I don’t have the patience for a silk scarf, and I have a Slap cap, but a bonnet always falls off. I just sleep with my braids.”

As you can see, she’s lacking no form of dedication. Do you, Zazie!

(Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage)


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