Sherri Shepherd Is Filmed By Kym Whitley Removing Her Wig On A Plane And Storing It In The Overhead Bin

Sherri Shepherd And Kym Whitley

Sherri Shepherd Is Filmed By Kym Whitley Removing Her Wig On A Plane And Storing It In The Overhead Bin

Take a look at the friends' weekend shenanigans!

Published February 24, 2020

Written by Tweety Elitou

Sherri Shepherd and Kym Whitley kept us laughing all weekend as they hilariously highlighted the travel quirks they encountered while heading to their Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour performance in Philadelphia.

The weekend shenanigans started on Friday (Feb. 21) when Kym, 58, and Sherri, 52, hopped a plane to Philly. While most people would never be caught taking off their wig in public, Sherri lives by her own rules!  

Capturing her fellow comedian taking off her wig, Kym can be heard off-camera playfully taunting her friend as Sherri attempted to secretly remove her unit and place it in the plane’s overhead compartment.  

“You taped this,” Sherri amusingly responded in the comments of the Instagram video. She added, “Nobody was paying attention until you started screaming. STAY OUTTA MY HAIR😂 (and the bathroom was stinky & I didn’t want my wig smelling funky).”

Keeping the fun going, Sherri posted the same video captioning the post, “I was hot flashing & usually take my #wig off in the #bathroom but it was stinky - so I was trying to be nonchalant about it. Why did Ms Nosey @kymwhitley catch me!”

She followed the caption with a list of hashtags including: #Wigs #Friendship #LadiesNightOutComedyTour #Shenanigans #AdventuresOfKymAndSherri #HotFlashesAreReal.

While heading to Philly’s MET on Saturday (Feb. 22), the ladies captured the humorous moment that proves saving money doesn’t guarantee a perfect fit.

“@kymwhitley is always trying to save money [with] @uber,” Sherri captioned an Instagram post showing the struggles they faced while trying to fit into a compact Uber car. “She knew daggone well we couldn’t all fit!!! Come see us tonight at #ladiesnightoutcomedytour in #Philly at the Met!”

“We don’t need a uber,” Kym said while posting the same video on her own Instagram. "When your girlfriend from high school car is twenty years old, but didn’t grow with you! I told @sherrieshepherd @shavone07 and @jawnmurray that we were in good hands, and didn’t need a @uber XL!”

She continued, “But I forgot that I have a SUV body and not a compact..! I didn’t know if that left leg was going to make it .. And I think we lost the muffler somewhere on the bridge...”

Thanks for the laughs ladies! If their Instagram posts are any inclination of their performances with Nene Leakes, Adele Givens, Loni Love, and B Simone, it's a must-see!

(Photo: Trae Patton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)


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