Fashion Feud! Here's All The Shocking Receipts Proving The Fashion Industry Is Fighting Over Cardi B & Nicki Minaj

Fashion Feud! Here's All The Shocking Receipts Proving The Fashion Industry Is Fighting Over Cardi B & Nicki Minaj

Talk about plot twist.

Published October 30, 2018

We. Are. Shook.

Whether you were cozied up in bed gulping up all the super hot tea Nicki Minaj and Cardi B poured or woke up to your timeline filled with receipts, there's no way anyone could can ignore the shocking Twitter/ Instagram fight between the two female emcees last night (Oct. 29).

From dissing each other’s music careers to questioning each other’s collaborations, things became extremely messy. 

One particular portion of the fight had us clutching our invisible pearls'? Their massive fashion feud.

Let us catch you up.

ICYMI: Not long after the infamous NYFW brawl between the two female rappers, Nicki dropped a collaborative line with the fashion brand, Diesel featuring an anti-bully message.

Now, thanks to the exposing feud. Many are left wondering if Cardi was offered the Diesel FW18 fashion collaboration first.

According to Cardi, it’s facts, and she’s got the screenshots to prove it.

Keep scrolling to see the video where Cardi claimed she was offered the Diesel partnership first, but she couldn't sign on to the deal due to prior fashion collabs.

“That Diesel deal that you got, yeah that came to me first and I had to decline it because I’m already working with fashion brands. Which y’all are gonna see because there’s more than Fashion Nova,” Cardi shared in the video rant.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Wilhelmina's CEO Bill Wackermann (the man behind Nicki’s recent Diesel FW18 campaign) took the 'gram in response to the claim. Keep scrolling to see the comment that has since been deleted.

“Tell the truth Boo! That Diesel campaign was built AROUND the one and only Queen,” he posted. 

Naturally, Nicki countered back responding to The Shade Room's IG post: “Poor baby has no idea Fashion Nova asked me to do that deal she has for over a year.”

Say what!?!

ICYMI: Just yesterday, Cardi announced the release date to her upcoming Fashion Nova Line.

Quick with handing out receipts, Cardi posted the emails of the alleged contract Diesel offered to her.

Going off of the emails, it looks to be true.

Keep scrolling to see Bill Wackermann's counter-response of receipts claiming: "We NEVER made an offfer."

Cardi simply responded with more receipts along with the caption: "BOOM Diesel receipts...oh and by the way sis [Nicki] everyone has a Fashion Nova deal."

FYI: We have reached out to Diesel for a statement and we are still awaiting their response. 

As the scandalous scolding hot tea continued to pour, eventually it got to the point were both New Yorkers decided to get back to "positive things."

Is the beef squashed? We sure hope so.

Today (Oct. 30), fashion designer Steve Madden chimed in by responding to Nicki's tweet claiming she "passed" on a contract with the fashion brand.

Madden's response: "@NickiMinaj you can't turn down an offer that was never made #StopLying." 

As this all rolls out, it's honestly starting to look like the fashion industry is fighting over Cardi and Nicki. SMH.

At this point, we just want for both ladies to return to their corners and continue to collaborate with these big fashion brands so we can get those fashionable ‘fits for a reasonable cost! Just saying.

Anyway, that’s all the deets we have on the fashion portion of the feud. 

Ok, back to work Fam!

Written by Tweety Elitou

(Photos: Paras Griffin/BET/Getty Images for BET, Peter White/Getty Images)


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