Hot Topic! Real Moms Weigh In On North West Taking A Nudie Snap of Kim Kardashian

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Hot Topic! Real Moms Weigh In On North West Taking A Nudie Snap of Kim Kardashian

KKW's latest "break the internet" scheme involved her 4-year-old.

Published February 9th

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to stripping down for the cameras, but her latest topless thirst trap was taken by 4-year-old North West and had social media up in arms over the post. Many folks hit the comments sections to express their “disgust” over what they believe is poor parenting. However, there were a few supporters of the image who saw no problem with its pint-sized photog. 

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While the image doesn’t showcase all of Kimmy’s goodies (although, it’s not like we haven’t seen them before), it does have millennial moms divided. Is Kim wrong for letting her toddler daughter take a photo of her topless and then posting it on Instagram for all to see?

See below what real moms had to say about KKW’s latest ‘break the internet’ scheme:


    “I have a 2-year-old daughter and I would never let her deliberately take a picture of me topless. And even if it were by accident, I wouldn’t share it with the world. A) It’s inappropriate, I would never want my child purposely staring at any of my lady parts.

    B) It’s kind of tainting her innocence, showing her how to take nude pics but also insinuating that circulating this via the internet is also acceptable. Yes, the body should be celebrated and we should be proud of it, however, this isn’t the correct way to send that message to essentially a toddler.” – Shalaeya Brown, 27, mom of a 2-year-old daughter

  2. Issa No

    “This is not a moment to be proud of and especially not to include a minor. Not that I have a strong opinion about her actions, it's just not a lifestyle that I would choose to expose my daughter to.” -Ariah, 26, mom of a 4-year-old daughter

  3. IDGAF

    “At the risk of being roasted 😆, here are a few thoughts:

    "What is the point of this? If it's a lesson in self-confidence, I am all for it. But not sure it's that's deep for Kim and North. On one hand it's nice to see a glimpse of what we can only imagine is a cool mother/daughter relationship that they are building — but on the other hand it's kind of teaching your daughter how to be thirsty for attention.

    "Even if North doesn't understand that now, she will one day. Maybe it's just North being a kid, having fun with the camera — at a weird moment — and we are all just reading too much into it. Honestly IDGAF.” –Nykia Spradley, mom of a 4-year-old son

  4. Strong Side-Eye

    “My daughter sees me changing pretty much every day because she won't leave my side ever. Being nude in front of your children is a given when you're a mom. I have tried to turn the awkward task of changing in front of my kid into a great lesson in body acceptance. For example, I would never put myself or my body down in front of my daughter. 

    "I am giving this picture strong side-eye because it isn't innocent. It looks like something Kanye would've snapped. This is not your standard 'that's mommy's butt, you have a butt too' conversation that every mother has had with her kid. It is a posed, planned, sensuous moment witness by a child—that was then posted on the internet. Sorry, Kim, but I'm not OK with this one.” –Clare Brown Meneely, 32, mom of a 2-year-old daughter

  5. Thottin' At Home VS. These Streets

    "That's definitely not OK. I have a 3-year-old daughter and she does EVERYTHING I do. So to me that's like showing her it's OK to be a thot. But I guess she'd rather have her learn it at home than in the streets.” –Keya, 26, mom of three, 3-year-old twins (boy/girl), and 1-year-old son

  6. Blame It On The 'Gram

    “In this day and age of the social media takeover, I’m rarely surprised with what I see on the 'Gram. Instagram in particular prides themselves on their community guidelines and expects users to help foster that community. One guideline in particular is 'post photos and videos that are appropriate for a diverse audience.' I remember a few years ago, Rihanna posted some nude and seminude photos and Instagram suspended her account indefinitely. I understand her account was suspended because the photos were not appropriate for all ages. I get it! Fast forward to today... As I scrolled through Instagram, I noticed a seminude photo that Kim Kardashian posted AND captioned 'North took this.' Honestly, if she feels that having her daughter taking that picture is appropriate, then that’s none of my business. Everyone parents different and I get it. What I may feel is the right thing to do, the next mom may not. I can understand why people are up in arms about it, because I personally wouldn’t do that myself. That isn’t the example I want to show my daughter. Children live what they learn.

    "My main issue is the unfair punishment towards certain people and no other for the same inappropriate photos. I feel select celebs get certain passes but it doesn’t set a fair tone for the rest of the community.” –Melanie White, 31, mom of a 1-year-old daughter

  7. Not A Good Look

    “I understand that everyone parents differently, but allowing your daughter see you disrobe in front of the camera for millions of people is not a good look. I'm all for mothers teaching young girls (and boys) to love their bodies, and empowering them to be comfortable in their skin is very important, but this crosses the line. Children are extremely impressionable and this act encourages North to behave the same way.

    "Furthermore, this act condones the idea of using your body to get attention. Teaching our children to seek approval from others is always bad, and doing it topless is extremely detrimental.” –Deena Campbell Sengstacke, 33, mom of a 1-year-old son

  8. What's The Big Deal?

    “I'm completely comfortable with the fact that Kim's daughter took this photo—no matter the child's age. As a currently breastfeeding mom, it's the norm that my breasts are completely exposed throughout the day to feed my child. I'd love for my daughter to always be comfortable with her body, through seeing me love my own and not be ashamed to ever cover it unless I'd like to.

    "I hope that her seeing me topless, at any age, is never disgusting, rude, or inappropriate, because nudity is none of those things. As for her child taking the photo, my baby is 1 and I constantly have to take phones from her. It's only a matter of months before she learns how to actually take a photo. 

    "It's unclear from the photo whether Kim instructed her daughter to take this photo for the world to see, but I don't post a lot on my social media, so those thoughts don't really occur for me. Social media is addictive, though, so I wouldn't put it past her to ask for the photo to be taken, seeing as social media is her livelihood.” –Adrienne Yancy, mom of a 1-year-old daughter

  9. Not How You Raise A Young Black Queen

    “While I do believe that the naked body, especially the body of a mother, is the most beautiful on earth and should be worshiped. As a mother, we need to make sure our daughters understand this. I am not sure if Kim asked North to take the photo of if North took it on her own. I'm hoping it was the latter. Still, it is something that should remain private.

    "Black and brown girls are already so overly sexualized and have been subjected to more sexual violence than anyone else, I think even though such an open display of her body empowers Kim, she still needs to be mindful that she is raising Black girls and their bodies mean something different to the world.”—Nicole, mom of 7-year-old and 3-year-old daughters

  10. Not Appropriate

    “WHY? Kim is setting a precedent that this type of behavior is OK for her daughters to do down the line (or now). As a parent, we are setting boundaries and guidelines on how to conduct oneself in society. By posting seminude photos of yourself done by your daughter will give North (and Chiraq) the impression that they can expose themselves to anyone and everyone.

    "We cannot teach our girls that exposing themselves for everyone to see is permissible. This world is filled with pedophiles, sexual predators and individuals with dirty minds. It's our duty as a parent to ensure we show what IS appropriate and what IS NOT appropriate. This is a clear indication of what is inappropriate.” –Shalonda Maggit, 32, mom of a 6-year-old daughter

Written by BET Staff

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