Ciara Shares The CRAZY Lengths She Went To Lose 50 Lbs Post-Pregnancy

Ciara Shares Her Post Pregnancy Weight Regimen

Ciara Shares The CRAZY Lengths She Went To Lose 50 Lbs Post-Pregnancy

She didn't let anything stop her, not even a battle with postpartum. She's 50 pounds lighter and looks amazing!

Published May 9, 2018

After having her second child, Sienna Princess, Ciara’s snapback left many us eager to know her how she did it.

Let’s be honest, you would never be able to guess the mother of two just had a baby a year ago. She looks amazing!

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So what’s her secret? The 32-year-old singer opened up to PEOPLE to share exactly how she got back to her “pre-baby-weight territory,” after gaining 65 lbs. while pregnant with her daughter.

“I was even more fired up about getting my post-baby weight off [this time],” Ciara shared. “It was just my own personal goal that I set for myself. It’s a whole different animal when you have two kids, and it felt really good.”

Admitting she had to find time between breastfeeding her daughter and school-runs with her son, Ciara confessed she, “had the craziest system,” working out two to three times a day with a trainer.

“I would wake up, breastfeed, then get Future ready for school. Then after I take him to school, come back and work out. Then after I work out, breastfeed and go back and get Future from school. Come back and breastfeed, then go work out again,” she shared.

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She even would occasionally do more cardio work after putting her kids to bed. That’s some serious dedication!

“I have to work even harder. That’s a bit more intense,” she shared referring to the extra work she has to do since learning she suffers from diastasis recti, a postpartum condition in which the large abdominal muscles separate.

“A lot more effort goes into it because your muscles bulge out differently, and you’re trying to reconnect the muscles and retrain them.”

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With her serious workout plan, CiCi lost 50 lbs. in nearly five months—but she’s not a mission to lose too much more weight.

“I honestly like some of the hips that have come along with the post-baby weight,” she says. “I’m not trying to lose those. My husband has been showing me love on my hips, too. He likes them!”

And she’s not opposed to a burger and fries admitting, “Life is just so much better that way! I just do things in moderation.”

True that! Talk about inspired.

Written by Tweety Elitou

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