Real-Life 'Situationship' Horror Stories From 8 Black Men

Real-Life 'Situationship' Horror Stories From 8 Black Men

"Her partner found out and tried to run me over."

Published September 19, 2018

Millennials have created a way to have all the perks of a relationship without actually being in one, coining the term “situationship.” A situationship is a relationship without the label. Think modern-day friends with benefits...and drama in some cases. So, yeah, if you're still hooking up with your ex or having repeated flings with your neighbor without the commitment, you, my friend, have found yourself in a situationship.

Need help treading this delicate territory?

Season 2 of Situationships premieres on BET Digital today (Sep. 19) and will catch you up on how to navigate, or how NOT to navigate, your way through one from Melody, a Southern belle turned NYC media maven who hasn’t lost all hope in men—yet—and her just as clueless posse.


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Guys typically try to avoid these encounters at all costs, because “the grass is not always greener.” We spoke with eight men who thought they were in the perfect situation until it went VERY wrong. After reading these nightmares, you may rethink sending that booty call and call it a night instead.

Read these situationship horror stories:

  1. "I received multiple f**k you emails"

    “My best friend from college and I both came right out of fresh relationships and wanted to try [a situationship]. Long story short it turned into multiple hookups and dates. She wanted more. I was just enjoying the moment. She gave me an ultimatum, and I denied.

    I thought we would just keep doing us. Next thing I see is that she moved to LA because NYC wasn’t enough for us. I received multiple f**k you emails and text for there on out.” -Ray, 31


  2. "They both somehow hate me"

    “When I first moved to Miami, I met this girl in the gym who was my ex-girlfriend's line sister. She and my ex were really close, but we were vibing, so we exchanged numbers. We would go grab drinks, get wasted and then have random sex. We would call it what it was because I thought she didn’t want a title due to her relationship with my ex.

    Well, my ex saw that I was following her on IG and my ex reached out to her about it. The girl told my ex that I been desperately trying to hook up with her and edited all her DMs by deleting her messages. I thought we were good, but now they both somehow hate me. This girl let my ex post on her sorority Facebook group about me. Every girl I knew from college clowned me for months about it.” -Travis, 26


  3. "She blocked me and all"

    “I met this woman years ago here in New York. She would travel between here and Chicago for work. We met at a random party and went out a couple times while she was working in NY for an extended period. She would go back to Chicago for weeks and then return to New York randomly for work, but when she did—we would hook up. She would stay at my spot, she had clothes there and all. When she was in town, she acted like my girl. I was cool with it, we were both mature.

    One day I was at work on one of the apps, being single, and I came across her profile. So I hit her up because from the picture I guess she didn’t know it was me. So I flirted with her and even planned a hookup. I was upset to see I was getting played, so I text her screenshots of our convo. I haven’t heard from her since. She blocked me and all. I found out later she was crushing with the guy who party we met at too, I couldn't be mad, but damn." -Jerod, 29


  4. “The boyfriend went through her phone and found all of our s—t”

    "My ex and I decided we would just f--k and be friends because we both were in relationships! However, she started getting attached and started allowing our s--t to spill over into her relationship! Her boyfriend noticed the change in her attitude, etc.

    So, the boyfriend went through her phone and found all of our s--t and discovered I was saved as 'lil bro.' She and the boyfriend got into a bad fight, and the boyfriend dumped her! Then, I stopped talking to her because I felt it was too much mess and I didn’t want it to spill into my relationship so ultimately we lost." -Lamar, 30


  5. "We fought in the hallway one morning"

    “My neighbor and I had a situationship going on. It was cool for a couple of months until we started getting caught in the hallway with other dates. It used to get really crazy. The guy she ended up with? I got arrested for pulling up on him.

    We fought in the hallway one morning as he was leaving. It was really bad. I broke my lease and moved because after that fight she would text me ‘sorry’ and 'miss you,' but pass me in the hallway like I was a stalker.” -Reggie, 25


  6. "The proper relationship ruined our friendship"

    “My ex and I started out as just two friends exploring and having fun together. This was great for about a year since we both recently ended a relationship and didn't want anything serious. Until we realized we were actually acting like boyfriends, which happened organically without any intentions.

    The issue though was we were never good as boyfriends, but the situationship actually worked for us. I believed if we continued to maintain the friendship, instead of conforming to what we felt was the thing to do by societies standards, then we would have been better off. The proper relationship ruined our friendship because we forgot what brought us together to start with, which was low expectations, fun, and honesty." -Joe, 30


  7. "Her partner found out and tried to run me over"

    “I was in a situationship with a chick who was already in a 'committed' lesbian relationship. I met her in the club during All-Star Weekend. I didn’t know then she was a lesbian at the time. She told me she was married, but she was getting anything from the marriage. Not just sexually, but mentally.

    So, we would go out as friends, kiss here and there, and we, of course, had sex. She would stay over and she fine with other girls and me kicking it because she was married. We were old school typical friends with benefits. Long story short. Her partner found out and tried to run me over." -Frankie, 24


  8. "I didn’t even know she was dating someone else seriously"

    “I had caught feelings for my situationship. I would never tell her because I didn’t want to f up a good thing. How about she just popped one day with a text saying, 'I just got engaged. We can't hang anymore.’ And some fake sorrow emoji. I didn’t even know she was dating someone else seriously to accept a ring!” -Clint, 29


Written by Maurice Marcel

(Photo: BET, Situationships)


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