Does Your Man Get To Call You 'Wife' Before There's Even A Ring On Your Finger?

Does Your Man Get To Call You 'Wife' Before There's Even A Ring On Your Finger?

Our fave celeb couples do it, so we asked real women.

Published December 14, 2018

Recently, rapper Nipsey Hussle called his longtime girlfriend, Lauren London his wife while they entered a club to celebrate the actress' birthday. The declaration came while Nipsey was giving her a bday shout to TMZ cameras and called her a "boss phenomenal woman" but Lauren cut him off and asked, "To your what?" to which he said "my wife, my girl".

Sis said put some RESPECK on my name. Okurrr! Watch the moment go down below.

Just last month rapper Travis Scott was caught calling his girlfriend Kylie Jenner his wife on stage at his concert. And while there’s speculation around whether these couples actually tied the knot in secret, to our knowledge neither couple is even engaged. Hmm…

It's important to note that these couples also share children together which may/may not contribute to their premature “wife” title. So is casually calling your lady "wife" before there's even a ring on her finger a do or a don't? 

We asked real women how they feel about getting called "wife" before actually getting wifed up:

  1. Speak It Into Existence!

    "Speak it into existence! I definitely have been in relationships where my significant other dubbed me his "wife" or "wifey." Casually, I think it's fine. It's the type of banter that men use to express their respect and adoration of you as well as where they see themselves with you in the future. 

    Now, if they're going around lying and telling people that you two are actually married when you're not, that's a problem. But as my man, I don't mind the casually playful wifey reference here and there--so long as his behavior echoes that title, though." 

    -Diamond, 24

  2. He Has To Be About It

    "It reminds of Next's classic 90's hit, 'Wifey'. I feel when a man uses the term, 'wife', prior to marriage or even a proposal, he's making it known how serious he is about the relationship. Amid using the term, he has to be about it with some action. Don't call me your 'wife', if you don't have intention of actually walking down the aisle." -Mya Abraham


  3. Whatever You Wanna Call Me

    "It’s cool because you’re expecting the ring anyway. So I’ll be wife...wifey...whatever you wanna call me." -Ash, 31 

  4. Only If We Had Talked About Marriage

    "I’d be ok with it if we had talked about marriage. If we hadn’t had the talk yet, then no and the reason why, is because talking like that is a way of playing house. Playing house will make you feel comfortable and eventually feel like you don’t need more of what you deserve." -Brianna

  5. Back It Up

    "I don't see there being a real issue with being called 'wife' but would hope that there would be a commitment that can back it up. When I say commitment I mean a relationship that's working towards a union of husband and wife. Being a wife and/or husband are roles and not cute names that should be taken lightly or just to through around loosely." -Kiara Chambers, 32

  6. only Once engaged

    "I’ve always wondered why people did that and if it’s just okay when children are involved. However, I do have my reservation. I’ve been in relationships where a guy has called me his wife or has said it to other people, although the gesture is cute and heart felt, I do believe that it leads to getting one's hopes up. 

    I believe putting those titles in place before the actual ring or the marriage makes one or both parties comfortable with the idea without taking necessary actions to actually take the next step. 

    I think sometimes you know but the timing is not right; in terms of finances, busy schedules and such. However from what we see neither of the two couples have announced an engagement. Both couples have enough money that they can actually afford a ring, even if the wedding isn’t something they can do at the current moment because of schedule conflicts. 

    Only once engaged I think it’s okay to starts calling someone your wife." -Edna Laryea

  7. Issa No For Me Dawg

    "Issa no for me dawg. I'm engaged and we still don't call each other wife/husband. I want to wait until the day we're actually married and really enjoy calling him my husband and him calling me his wife." -Jelani Addams Rosa

  8. I'd Probably Be Flattered The First Time

    "I’d probably be flattered the first time my boyfriend called me his wife. But he would need to know that the title husband or wife should never be casually thrown around, especially in public. We’d definitely have a follow up conversation privately.  I’m all for proclamation but be prepared to back up your words and put a rock on my finger. Don’t say it if you don’t mean it (BAPS reference)" -Alex Jackson, 29

  9. I Don't Want That Fantasy Kicking Around In My Head

    "This is a hard one. I understand why someone would do it and that it’s not serious but at the same time, as a woman if I’m not your wife and you’re not planning on making me your wife, I don’t want that fantasy kicking around in my head.

    I’d prefer if it was some other pet name that’s more appropriate. Once we get to fiancé status, 'wife' or 'wifey' is 100% ok but before then, no." -Danielle Prescod

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

(Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images; Jamie McCarthy/VMN18/Getty Images for MTV)


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