Jordyn Woods Starts A YouTube Channel And Drops A 22-Minute Video About Her Fitness Journey And Public Embarrassment

Jordyn Woods Starts A YouTube Channel

Jordyn Woods Starts A YouTube Channel And Drops A 22-Minute Video About Her Fitness Journey And Public Embarrassment

She also makes a BIG reveal of what's to come.

Published October 10, 2019

Written by Jazmine A. Ortiz

For the first time since her Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett-Smith following the infamous Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, Jordyn Woods is opening up on-camera to fans with the launch of her very own YouTube channel! She first shared the news with her almost 11M Instagram followers.

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Her YouTube channel will surely catch on, because since she dropped her first video yesterday (Oct. 9) titled, “Opening Up For The First Time - My Mind & Body Transformation” and the 22-year-old already has nearly 55K subscribers.

In the note section under the post, after the typical YouTuber spiel, “Please like, comment & subscribe” she left this message to viewers as a summary of what her debut vlog was about:

“In this video I open up for the first time about so many things I've been through including my body transformation, dealing with the loss of my father and how we can all over come the obstacles life throws our way.

I also talk about some very exciting new projects coming out in November.

Thank you guys so much for your support so far, I look forward to sharing more of my world with you all!

I would love to hear your feedback and will be reading as many comments as I can.

Jordy xx”

Watch Jordyn Woods full debut YouTube video here:

If you don’t have 22-minutes to watch Jordyn talk to the camera in her bedroom, well we’ve got the highlights for here for you:

  • Jordyn shares how she was cyber-bullied after a paparazzi shot of her and Willow Smith went viral when she was just a pre-teen. It affected her self-esteem and is what prompted her to make the video. She reluctantly shares the photo which pops up on the screen.
  • As she grew into her teen years, Jordyn became even more aware that she was larger than her friends who would shop at Abercrombie & Fitch. She ruled out pool parties and mall trips. She overheard some rude woman once tell her father, “Your daughter will be so pretty when she loses her baby fat.”
  • Jordyn eventually realized that “individuality is your gift.” After he father died the gym became her therapy and she lost 30 pounds over the span of 5 months on a vigorous exercise kick.
  • Now she works out to feel good. Jordyn trains 4-5 times a week and watches what she eats. She’s weary of processed foods and fast foods. She believes food should be your medicine.
  • The BIG reveal is that Jordyn wants fans to get and stay healthy with her by dropping a fitness and nutrition program in November 2019. Here’s what she says about the program: “I do a lot of squats. I do a lot of legs. I a lot of my programs are really targeted toward glutes, legs, some abs. I’m still working on getting my abs. I know that abs are made in the kitchen. I love to cook, so I’ve been trying to master some recipes as well.”

Well, there you have it! So will you be keeping up with Jordyn Woods on YouTube and partaking in her workout program?

(Photo: Jordyn Woods via YouTube)


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