‘Through Her Eyes’ Is A Must See Summer Movie Humanizing A Moment In Civil Rights

The film is available for streaming on most platforms.

[Finally] Mississippi Town Forced to End School Segregation 60 Years After Jim Crow

Black kids getting sub-par education, judge rules.

Rosa Parks' Archive Opening to Public at Library of Congress

Parks' letters, writings and more are available for viewing.

Famed SC Civil Rights Protesters Have Convictions Erased

They protested a whites-only lunch counter.

This Day in Black History: Aug. 19, 1958

NAACP Youth Council protests whites-only lunch counter.

This Day in Black History: May 27, 1958

The first of the "Little Rock Nine" graduated.
Brown v. Board of Education (1954) - The court ruled that "separate schools are inherently unequal" and banned segregation in public schools.  The decision overturned Plessy v. Ferguson.In this image, a Black student recites his lesson surrounded by white fellows and others Black students on May 21, 1954, at Washington's Saint-Dominique school, where for the first time the Brown v. Board of Education decision was applied. (Photo: STAFF/AFP/Getty Images)

This Day in Black History: May 17, 1954

Brown v. Board of Education is decided.

Commentary: 60 Years After Brown v. Board of Education , a Celebration Muted by Challenge

The decision marked the end of legal school segregation.

Georgia School Finally Gets Racially Integrated Prom

A 2013 student-led protest brought attention to the issue.