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Affirmative Action Opponents Now Targeting West Point, Naval Academy Through Supreme Court

While the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action in a landmark ruling in June, the decision does not apply to military academies

Poll: Most In U.S. Say Race Should Be Considered In College Admissions, But To A Lesser Extent

The Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on college affirmative action admissions.

Supreme Court To Hear Two Critical Challenges To Affirmative Action Involving Harvard And University of North Carolina

The long-standing diversity promoting practice comes under the most scrutiny it has seen in years.

Justice Department Finds Yale Discriminates Against White and Asian Students In Admissions

The school blasted the result of the department’s probe.

My White Prep School Track Captain Trolled Me About Affirmative Action, But Should I Have Trolled Her About Cheating?

The minefields that Black students have to navigate.

The College Admissions Scandal Makes It Clear We’ll Need Affirmative Action For As Long As There’s Still White Privilege

It’s time we end the debate on the policy.

Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Was Vacationing On A Billionaire USC Official’s Yacht When Her Mom Was Indicted In College Admissions Scandal

Rick Caruso confirmed Olivia Jade was in the Bahamas.

People Ask If The College-Cheating-Scam Actresses Will Be Jailed Like The Black Moms Who Used Fake Addresses To Send Kids to Better Schools

The scandal brings attention to racism in education.

CEOs, Coaches, And Even Actresses Charged In Multi-Million Dollar College Admissions Cheating Scandal

Coaches were bribed to recruit non-athlete students.

Aoki Lee Simmons Has A Savvy Social Media Strategy To Get Her Yale Application To The Top

Only the daughter of a supermodel could pull this off!

Real Black Girl Magic: This Teen Got Into All 8 Ivy League Schools

Oh, and also Stanford.