LAPD Says There Is No Evidence Of Cardi B’s Claims Of Harassment

In an official statement, the “Enough Is Enough” rapper said that her comments were taken out of context.

Cardi B Plans To Sue LAPD for Mistreatment and Accusations of Drug Trafficking

The "Enough Is Enough" rapper said she was mistreated by law enforcement officials on her Instagram.

BLM Members Sue LAPD Over Alleged Violent Tactics During Traffic Stops

The LAPD is being accused of targeting Black motorists.

Former NFL Running Back Derrick Ward Arrested On Robbery Charges

Ward was allegedly involved in several robberies throughout Los Angeles.

Family, 5-Year-Old Son Of Keenan Anderson File $50 Million Claim Of Damages Against Los Angeles

Anderson, 31, was reportedly shocked six times with a stun gun.

Cousin Of Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Dies After Being Repeatedly Tased By LAPD

Recently released bodycam footage shows Keenan Anderson begging for his life.

A Fourth Person Is Wanted In The Murder of PnB Rock As New Details Emerge

LAPD claims the plan to rob the rapper unfolded after he and his girlfriend entered the restaurant.

LAPD Identify A Suspect in PnB Rock's Murder

Freddie Lee Trone is still at large and considered to be armed and dangerous.

LAPD Chief Says PnB Rock Killing May Have Resulted From Instagram Post

The Philadelphia artist was killed at a Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles restaurant in South Los Angeles on Sept. 12.

NBA YoungBoys' Fate Now Lies In The Hands Of A Los Angeles Jury After Trial Ends

If the rapper is found guilty, he could be sentenced to years in prison.