drug abuse

Comedian Fuquan Johnson Pronounced Dead At LA Party After Apparent Overdose, Police Say

Johnson was 42 years old.

Fans Are Heartbroken After Rapper Boonk Gang Posts Disturbing Tweets About His Drug Abuse

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Here’s The Commonly Abused Drug A 20-Year-Old Was High On When She Gouged Her Own Eyes Out

Kaylee Muthart believed God told her to sacrifice her eyes.

Man Allegedly Raped A Teen Dying Of An Overdose Then Texted His Friends Photos Of Her Body And Used Her Thumb To Unlock Her Phone

Police found Alyssa Mae Noceda's body in a plastic crate.

Lamar Odom Just Took a Huge Step Toward Recovery

The former NBA player will spend Christmas with his kids.

Wale Reveals Ex-Girlfriend’s Miscarriage

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Macy Gray Opens Up About Past Drug Abuse

The singer shares her struggles and hard fall to the bottom.

Lamar Odom Refuses to Sign Divorce Papers

The Kardashians reportedly haven't heard from him in weeks.

Casual Marijuana Smoking Linked to Brain Damage, Study Says

Even those who smoke once a week were affected.