same-sex marriage

Biden Signs Landmark Respect For Marriage Act To Protect Same-Sex, Interracial Marriage

Everyone should have the right to decide whom to marry ‘without government interference,’ the president says.

Holler If You Hear Me Opens New Dialogue on Black Gays in the Church

Doc makes it easier to understand why some stay in the pews.

Commentary: How Black America Helped Win Marriage Equality

Keith Boykin recalls what led up to this historic moment.

Clarence Thomas Pens Controversial Dissent on Same-Sex Marriage

Justice said U.S. government can't "take away dignity."

Supreme Court Extends Same-Sex Marriage Nationwide

Gay and lesbian couples have right to marry anywhere in U.S.

Brittney Griner Marries Glory Johnson

WNBA players leave assault in the past, get hitched.

Texas GOP Lawmaker Blames Baltimore Unrest on Gay Marriage

Bill Flores: Poverty stems from "breakdown of the family."