Tim Scott

Sen. Tim Scott Does Not Rule Out VP Run With Trump Ahead Of New Hampshire Primary

The South Carolina senator dropped out of the race in November but hinted he’d be open to staying on the GOP ticket.

New Book ‘The Grift’ Unravels The History Of Black Republicans From Frederick Douglass To Clarence Thomas

According to author Clay Cane, "The original Black Republicans would find the Black Republicans of today repulsive."

Sen. Tim Scott Suspends His Struggling Presidential Campaign

Supporters hoped the South Carolina Republican would emerge as a strong alternative to Donald Trump.

Tim Scott Takes Apparent Jab At Colin Kaepernick During GOP Debate

‘We should stop kneeling in protest and start kneeling in prayer,” the presidential hopeful says.

GOP Sen. Tim Scott To Make Appearance On 'The View'

The Black conservative has a feud with co-host Joy Behar who said he doesn’t understand systemic racism.
News: Senator Tim Scott Makes History

Tim Scott Announces Presidential Bid: 5 Policy Positions He's Taken In Congress

From voting rights to Obamacare, Scott has often been at odds with the policy preferences of the Black community.

Sen. Tim Scott Expected To Announce 2024 Presidential Bid Decision

The South Carolina Republican is making all the moves that indicate a White House run.
News: Senator Tim Scott Makes History

GOP Sen. Tim Scott Announces Presidential Exploratory Committee, Accuses Democrats Of ‘Weaponizing Race’

The senate’s only Black Republican could be facing a crowded field of Republicans vying to get the party’s nomination.

It’s Looking More And More Like S.C. Sen.Tim Scott Is Headed For A White House Run

The Senate’s only Black Republican has been making stump speeches sharing a message of unity and American optimism.

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott Says Democrats Are Working to “Ruin” America

Still not announcing his 2024 intentions, Scott is making moves and appearing on Sunday news shows as a potential presidential candidate would.

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott Reportedly Preparing for 2024 Presidential Campaign

The only Black Republican in the Senate has to win over a party that hasn’t yet responded to his message of hope and unity.