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Obama Re-Election Drives Gun Sales

Texans are stocking up on weapons.

Demetrius Hewlin Is Remembered

The sixteen-year-old was one of the three students killed.
Three Students Die in School Shooting - Three children have died from their injuries as a result of a school shooting in a Cleveland suburb. Two other students were wounded when a student-suspect identified as T.J. Lane opened fire at Chardon High School.  (Photo: Aaron Josefczyk/Reuters)

How Many More Deaths Must Happen to End Youth Bullying? breaks down FAQs about the shooting.
Three Teens Dead After School Shooting  - Last Monday, a suburban Cleveland high school student opened fire on a group of students, killing three teens and wounding two others.(Photo: AP)

One Dies, Four Wounded in Ohio High-School Shooting

The suspect is in custody, but has not been charged.
Jamaican Government Destroys 2,000 Guns - Roughly 2,000 firearms were melted down in a blazing furnace Tuesday as part of an effort designed to combat gun trafficking and corruption in Jamaica, while reducing violent crime.(Photo: AP Photo/ David McFadden)

Jamaica Government Destroys 2,000 Guns in Furnace

Crime costs Jamaica millions each year, says the World Bank.

Missouri Tops List of States With Highest Black Homicide Rates

Michigan, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma follow close behind.

Black Ministers in San Diego Offer Gift Cards for Guns

Clergy are doing their part to to decrease violence.