YSL Defense Lawyer Claims He Gave Young Thug ‘Street Cred’ By Hitting Him With His First-Ever Felony Charge in 2014

Suri Chadha Jimenez represents YSL Polo, who had the RICO charges against him dropped following erratic behavior.

Charges Against YSL Polo Dropped After Displaying Erratic Behavior, Murder Conviction

The district attorney’s office announced the news on Tuesday.

YSL Hearing Delayed After Lawyer Accused Of Foul Play Is Involved In Traffic Accident

Defense attorney Eric Johnson is currently unfit to appear in court.

YSL Attorney: ‘I’m Thinking I Need To Start An OnlyFans’

She’s claiming the state isn’t paying her enough.

Attorney In YSL Trial Handcuffed And Arrested In Court

Anastasios Manettas, who represents Miles Farley, reportedly tried to enter the courtroom with a bottle of prescription medication.

Gunna Denied Bail For Pre-Trial Release For The Third Time

The judge is hesitant of “witness intimidation,” which is the reason for the two previous denials.

Gunna Speaks Out On His Birthday, Amid RICO Indictment

The YSL signee is still “pushing P” despite his incarcerated status.
Gunna on BET Buzz 2021

Gunna’s Bond Denied, Judge Sets Jan. 2023 Trial Date

The 28-year-old rapper offered up his parent’s home to secure a bond for release.