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Chicago's New Police Chief Larry Snelling Vows New Leadership Paradigm For Cops

Snelling promised to modernize training protocols in the department and establish better relationships with the Chicago community.

Chicago Mother Sues City, Cops After Prosecutor Drops Murder Charges

‘I've experienced pain in many ways that I would never have thought’ says Carlishia Hood.

Chicago Police Board Votes To Fire Sergeant In Botched Anjanette Young Raid

Video shows that the police handcuffed the social worker naked while searching the wrong home.

Aréanah Preston Slaying: Why The Brutal Killing Of The Chicago Police Officer Hits So Hard

Slain at her home just days before receiving a graduate degree, the tragedy comes as a new mayor prepares to take office.

Chicago Police Supervisor Steps Down After Probe Into His Racist Facebook Posts

An investigation found that Lt. John Cannon’s Facebook posts shows that he disrespects the communities he swore to serve.

2021 Was Chicago’s Deadliest Year Since 1996, With More Killings Than NYC or L.A.

2021 Was Chicago’s Deadliest Year Since 1996