Kyle Rittenhouse

BLM Leader Calls Out Kyle Rittenhouse For Saying He Supports Black Lives Matter

“It’s very clear what he is,” Melina Abdullah said.

Kyle Rittenhouse Tells Tucker Carlson He’s Not A Racist And Supports Black Lives Matter

He gave his first post-verdict interview to Fox News.

Colin Kaepernick Speaks On Rittenhouse Verdict: ‘White Supremacy Cannot Be Reformed’

We just witnessed a system built on white supremacy,” the former NFL star tweeted.

OPINION: Why The Kyle Rittenhouse Homicide Trial Was Little More Than A Controlled Circus

The recipient of judicial benevolence in such an embarrassing trial was likely to have escaped responsibility no matter what.

Khloe Kardashian Faces Backlash Over Reaction To Rittenhouse Verdict

She’s being accused of a double standard.

Twitter Reacts to Kyle Rittenhouse Acquittal On All Charges

The jury deliberated for three and a half days to return a verdict of not guilty on all counts.

Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted of Deadly 2020 Kenosha Protest Shootings

He claimed self defense in the shooting that took two lives and injured another person, while also claiming to be defending property.

Judge Allowed Kyle Rittenhouse To Randomly Select The 12 Jurors Who Will Decide His Fate

Many are calling the move “highly unusual.”