The White House

GLOW UP ALERT: Jordyn Woods Secures Lucrative Partnership With Playboy Magazine

Jordyn Woods' star has been shining brightly ever since she distanced herself from the Kardashians.

President Joe Biden Taps Keisha Lance Bottoms To Head The White House Office Of Public Engagement

Bottoms confirmed the news on her Instagram account.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Condemns Louisiana Abortion Law

The legislation, which would ban abortion except in rare circumstances, is likely to be among the nation’s most restrictive.

More Than 20 Black Staffers Leave the Biden White House, Causing Concerns of a ‘Blaxit’

Some staffers reportedly carry feelings that Black staff aren’t valued and don’t have advancement opportunities

President Biden Mourns 1 Million Americans Dead From Covid-19

The president is hosting an international Covid Summit at the White House to determine how nations should act to combat the years-long pandemic.

Biden Administration Announces $500 Million Program to Improve K-12 School Buildings

The Action Plan for Building Better School Infrastructure program will target schools whose dilapidated buildings will benefit from energy upgrades.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Tests Positive For COVID-19

She tested positive after coming back from traveling with President Biden on his trip overseas.

Women's History Month: Karine Jean-Pierre, A Symbol Of Diversity In The White House

The author and activist made history as the first openly gay woman to deliver a White House press briefing.

EXCLUSIVE: Celebrate Black History Month With Historic Photo Of VP Kamala Harris And Black White House Staffers

Take a look at the individuals who are making our nation stronger every day.

The Biden-Harris Administration Sets The Record Straight On Its $5.8 Billion Promise To HBCUs

Despite misinformation about its support, this White House has offered more direct financial support to advancing educational equity than any other in history.

Ciara’s Toddler, Win, Shines At White House While Promoting Vaccines For Kids

The singer's 1-year-old son was a buys body while she fielded questions from reporters