Historically Black Colleges and Universities

We Can Be Royals: HBCU Kings and Queens 2022-2023

Our historically Black Colleges and Universities annually crown their best and brightest to represent them through the year. Here's a list of this year's Kings and Queens (alphabetical by school).

Why HBCU Homecomings Are Centered Around The Queen And Her Court - Looking Into Royal History

Going back a century, the centerpiece of Black College life has been homecoming, but the people it all hangs on are those who are elected to represent their fellow students.

In Dobbs Country: HBCU Students Negotiating A Post-Roe v. Wade Normal

For students in the 72 HBCUs impacted by Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Org., the new normal requires adjustment.

Let The Good Times Roll! Walmart Welcomes The Big Homecoming Festival To Atlanta June 17-18

Don’t miss this two-day impactful celebration of Black culture featuring a convocation, panel discussions, tailgate experience, live music and more.

Ralph Lauren Honors HBCU's Morehouse And Spelman With Latest Collection

The line is inspired by the fashion worn at historically Black colleges between 1920 to 1950.

Two Furloughed Sisters Whipped Up a Cheesecake Business with the Help of Family, Friends and GoDaddy

“When life gives you lemons, you could be sour, or you can make lemonade!”

FBI Says Six Juveniles Cited As 'Persons Of Interest' In HBCU Bomb Threats

The FBI’s joint terrorism task forces are now leading the investigation into threats made at more than a dozen Black colleges.

Morgan State President Wants FBI To 'Aggressively' Investigate Series Of Bomb Threats At Black Colleges

Bomb threats were made to multiple HBCUs for two consecutive days, and the leaders of the schools want federal law enforcement officials to take it seriously.