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Serena Williams Admits ‘Marriage Is Not Bliss’

Her husband adds interracial marriage can be tough.

Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Calls Out Body-Shaming and 'Racist' Comments

The tennis icon was insulted by Ion Țiriac.

Cookout Invitation!: Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Reveals His Wife Taught Him About Washcloths And He's Converted

The 37-year-old businessman opened up via Twitter.

Alexis Ohanian Says ‘It’s Bulls—t’ That Serena Is Held To A Higher Standard Than Kavanaugh

“If you’re going to be a Justice, keep it together.”

Slate Article Dragged For Saying Serena And Alexis “Perform” Their Happy Relationship

"Trash take."

Alexis Ohanian Says Cartoon Of Serena Was ‘Blatantly Racist And Misogynistic’

He also slammed the editor of the Herald Sun.

Twinning And Winning: Serena Williams' Former Doubles Partner, Alexis, Wears Mini Matching Tutu

Wow. Remember when they won the Australian Open together?

Serena Williams’ Proud Husband Tweets How Walking Used To Exhaust Her, And Now She’s A Semifinalist

Alexis Ohanian said just months ago she couldn't walk.

Serena Williams Says 'I Never Thought I Would Have Married A White Guy'

And some people are still big mad that she did.