voting rights

Texas Court Orders Review Of Black Woman’s Illegal Voting Conviction

Crystal Mason gets a chance to clear her name and overturn a five-year prison sentence.

Senate Democrats Explain Plans On Voting Rights and Student Loan Forgiveness

The Democratic Caucus members spoke with Black members of the media on issues they say would most benefit Black voters.

Texas Mail-In Ballot Rejections Skyrocket With New Restrictions

Is this a sign of what’s ahead for voters of color in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections?

Kamala Harris Commemorates ‘Bloody Sunday’ Anniversary In Selma With Renewed Call To Pass Voting Rights Bills

‘We will not let setbacks stop us,’ the vice president says.

Texas Lawmaker Gives Black Caucus Response To State Of The Union Address, As State Primary Results Emerge

Democratic congressman and CBC member Colin Allred urged the Biden Administration to protect voting rights, on the same night that Beto O’Rourke won the party’s nomination for governor.

OPINION: Texas Heads To The Polls In Primary But Voting Rights Are Under Attack

In the first state primary of the 2022 election season, Texans are facing it as legislators pass bills that can hinder the ability to cast ballots.

Pamela Moses Sentenced To Six Years In Prison For Illegally Registering To Vote

The 44-year-old has maintained she was unaware she was ineligible to vote.

Vice President Harris Asks Nation’s Governors To Defend Voting Rights For All

30 governors attended the bipartisan National Governors Association meeting, but Florida and Georgia’s governors were noticeably absent.

Alabama Appeals Court Ruling That Its Redistricting Map Violates Black Voting Rights

It’s a victory for Democrats, for now.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Censured By Arizona Democratic Party For Failing To Support Voting Rights

Sinema joined Republicans in blocking the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act from passing into law.

3 Things To Know About Senate Democrats Failure to Change Filibuster Rule

3 Things To Know About Senate Democrats Filibuster Failure