voting rights

States Expanding Voting Rights To Former Felons In Apparent Bipartisan Wave

Minnesota recently restored voting rights for over 55,000 formerly incarcerated people.

Stacey Abrams is “Likely” to Run Again for Office

Two-time candidate for Georgia governor, Abrams says when she’s not working to improve voting rights laws and access, she’s about another run.

2022 Midterm Elections: Black Georgia Voters Turning Out In High Numbers Despite New Restrictive Laws

Volunteers on the ground are helping people navigate the new layer of voter suppression laws, says Black Voters Matter co-founder LaTosha Brown.

Stacey Abrams Warns Of Voter Suppression In Georgia As Early Ballot Casting Begins

Early voter turnout has already shattered records over the previous election.

Georgia Governor’s Race Too Close to Call Two Months to Election Day

Most recent polling suggests a dead heat between Gov. Brian Kemp and repeat contender Stacey Abrams in their second campaign against each other.

Supreme Court Will Hear North Carolina Case Next Term That Could Hinder Voting Rights Nationwide

The ruling could vastly diminish the authority of state courts to block discriminatory voting laws.

New York Enacts New Law To Protect Voting Rights

Named for the late civil rights hero Rep. John R. Lewis, the law prevents local counties from enacting rules that suppress the Black vote.

Texas Court Orders Review Of Black Woman’s Illegal Voting Conviction

Crystal Mason gets a chance to clear her name and overturn a five-year prison sentence.

Senate Democrats Explain Plans On Voting Rights and Student Loan Forgiveness

The Democratic Caucus members spoke with Black members of the media on issues they say would most benefit Black voters.

Texas Mail-In Ballot Rejections Skyrocket With New Restrictions

Is this a sign of what’s ahead for voters of color in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections?

Kamala Harris Commemorates ‘Bloody Sunday’ Anniversary In Selma With Renewed Call To Pass Voting Rights Bills

‘We will not let setbacks stop us,’ the vice president says.