How a Holiday Classic from Prince Expresses How Black Men Process Loneliness

‘Another Lonely Christmas’ the 1984 crown jewel from His Royal Badness, tells the tale of a tragically lost love, but also what men can feel at such a vulnerable time.

Racism and Poverty Can Change Brain Development of Black Children, Finds Black Harvard Researcher

Harvard researcher, Nathaniel Harnett analyzed nearly 10,000 MRI scans to find structural changes in the way children’s brains grew.

OPINION: Guilty Verdicts Are Not Enough, Black People Need Radical Healing From Racial Traumas

The recent verdicts over the past month may seem to respond to injustices, but there is more needed for a population that has been traumatized.

Dr. Bryant Marks on Celebrating the Achievements of Young Black Men

Psychology professor talks counter-stereotypical messaging.

On CraigsList, Black Sellers Are Discriminated Against by Other Users

African-American sellers are least trusted on the ad site.

How Many Successful Black People Does It Take to End Racism?

People draw inferences on race based on Obama's success.
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When Economy Dips, Blacks Get 'Blacker,' Study Says

A study shows link between stereotypes and scarcity.