Nigerian Influencer ‘Ray Hushpuppi’ Gets 11 Years In Prison For Money Laundering

Ramon Abbas, who flaunted his criminal-funded lifestyle online, express remorse in a handwritten letter to the judge.

Ohio Man Convicted By Feds After Scamming Over $800,000 From Investors Posing As African Prince

Daryl Robert Harrison ran the con for over six years.

Florida Woman Charged With Running Ponzi Scheme Targeting Haitian-Americans

Alexandra Robert is accused of racking up nearly $1 million in her scam.

Former Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum Arrested By Feds On Fraud Charges

Once a rising political star, the former Tallahassee mayor is in the midst of his latest legal trouble, but maintains his innocence.

Kanye West 2020 Campaign Claims Thousands Of Funds Were Used For Credit Card Bill

An individual unaffiliated with the presidential campaign accessed the committee’s bank account three times.

N.Y. Attorney General Letitia James Warns Of Potential Charity Fraud After Buffalo Mass Shooting

Look for ‘trustworthy organizations’ before sending money, she urges.

Boston Activist Monica Cannon-Grant, Husband Facing Federal Fraud Charges

The Violence In Boston founders allegedly misallocated donations on personal expenses.

Kanye West Subpoenaed To Testify In Former Employee’s Upcoming Fraud Trial

Arjun Dhillon is accused of swindling a quarter of a million dollars from a rich philanthropist’s charity.

Several Celebrities Among 19 Indicted On PPP Fraud Charges Totaling $3 Million In Georgia

A federal program to rescue small businesses during the pandemic became a target for scammers.

Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore Top Prosecutor, Facing Federal Perjury and Mortgage Fraud Charges

Known most widely for the Freddie Gray police murder trial, the one-time political rising star is accused of lying on financial documents to purchase property.