Wisconsin U.S. Senate Candidate Mandela Barnes Removes Two Law Enforcement Endorsements

A campaign spokesperson blamed a ‘clerical error’ for the confusion.

Twin Sisters Charged In Restaurant Shooting Receive Court-Appointed Lawyers After Two Months In Custody

Justice delayed is a massive issue in the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson Walks Back Demand to Repeal Obamacare

Johnson’s comments to do away with the Affordable Care Act got swift backlash and caused the Senate Minority Leader to weigh in.

Kyle Rittenhouse Blasts LeBron James After Tweet About Him Sobbing At His Homicide Trial

The Kenosha shooter has become a hero in right-wing circles, and had choice words for the Lakers star who was once his favorite.

Three Things To Know About Darrell E. Brooks, Who Is Charged in the Deadly Wisconsin Christmas Parade Crash

Arrested after smashing his vehicle into a crowd in Waukesha, Wis., Brooks had been in jail for running a woman down with his car.

Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted of Deadly 2020 Kenosha Protest Shootings

He claimed self defense in the shooting that took two lives and injured another person, while also claiming to be defending property.

Judge In Kyle Rittenhouse Murder Trial Dismisses Underage Weapons Possession Charge In Apparent Blow To Prosecution

Rittenhouse faced up to nine months in jail on the misdemeanor that was the most likely charge to stick.