Affirmative Action

5 Black History Month Events That Made Us Cringe

February is almost over, but we haven't forgotten people's tone-deaf, and at times thoughtless actions.

Justice Clarence Thomas Has ‘No Clue’ What Diversity Means

As opening arguments began in two high stakes cases, the judge asks a presenting attorney for an explanation of what diversity is.

Analysis: Supreme Court Begins Hearing Affirmative Action Challenges And The Stakes Are Clear And High

There have been decades of pushback against the doctrine, but it’s now possible that diversity could see a collapse at major colleges.

Major Tech Companies Sign Off on Amicus Brief Supporting Affirmative Action Before Supreme Court

Google, Apple, Facebook, Support Affirmative Action As SCOTUS Cases Approach

Harvard Urges Supreme Court To Preserve Affirmative Action As Upcoming Case Looms

The justices are slated to hear college admissions cases that could jeopardize the future of affirmative action.

Supreme Court To Hear Two Critical Challenges To Affirmative Action Involving Harvard And University of North Carolina

The long-standing diversity promoting practice comes under the most scrutiny it has seen in years.

Biden’s DOJ Urges Supreme Court To Reject Affirmative Action Appeal

The lawsuit from Asian American students claims that Harvard makes it easier for Black and Latino students to win admission.

Justice Department Finds Yale Discriminates Against White and Asian Students In Admissions

The school blasted the result of the department’s probe.

My White Prep School Track Captain Trolled Me About Affirmative Action, But Should I Have Trolled Her About Cheating?

The minefields that Black students have to navigate.

The College Admissions Scandal Makes It Clear We’ll Need Affirmative Action For As Long As There’s Still White Privilege

It’s time we end the debate on the policy.