Harvard Faculty Speak Out Against AP African American Studies Ban

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was a graduate of their law school in 2005.

Major Tech Companies Sign Off on Amicus Brief Supporting Affirmative Action Before Supreme Court

Google, Apple, Facebook, Support Affirmative Action As SCOTUS Cases Approach

Florida Teenager Accepted To Every Ivy League School

Ashley Adirika has a bright future ahead.

Harvard University Creates Fund To Redress Its Historical Ties To Slavery

The school is committing $100 million to an endowed ‘Legacy of Slavery Fund’ after uncovering its involvement in slavery and white supremacy.

Biden’s DOJ Urges Supreme Court To Reject Affirmative Action Appeal

The lawsuit from Asian American students claims that Harvard makes it easier for Black and Latino students to win admission.

State Supreme Court Arguments Set To Begin Over Who Owns Images Of Woman’s Enslaved Ancestors

Harvard University claims that it has ownership rights to the controversial pictures.

Harvard Black Men's Forum Names Jada Pinkett-Smith "Woman of the Year"

She was recognized for "trailblazing professional success."

Sugary Drinks and Sodas Linked to Heart Disease in Men

Sugary drinks can increase risk of a heart attack.

Commentary: What's in Obama's "Secret Videos" From Harvard Law School?

Right-wing conspiracy theorists are wrong and misleading.

Princeton, Harvard Prove Smart Boys Can Play Ball Too

Princeton, Harvard fight for NCCA spot.