Racist Flyers Show Up Again In Jacksonville Neighborhood, Alarming Residents

Neighbors say the hate messages have united them.

Mom of Three Found Dead Just Weeks After Filing Protective Order Against Man For Domestic Violence

Andrea was found the day she was set to appear in court.

Multiple People Reported Dead In Jacksonville Madden Tournament Shooting

10 other people were injured during the horrific incident.

Woman Says Cop Handcuffed Her 11-Year-Old Son For Dribbling A Basketball After Being Told To Stop

Bunmi Borisade says the officer should have talked to her.

Jurors Brought To Tears During Trial Of Man Accused Of Raping 8-Year-Old Girl to Point of "Total Distortion" And Brutal Strangulation

Even the medical examiner choked up during her testimony.

For Jordan Davis’ Father, Reflections Help Ease the Pain

Ronald Davis said he was disappointed by the verdict.

Commentary: A Lack of Justice for Jordan Davis

Dunn's guilt in the death of Jordan Davis was clear.

Mistrial on Murder Charge in Jordan Davis Shooting Death

Davis's shooter was convicted of three other charges.