Book Bans

George Floyd Book Authors Told Not To Talk About Racism at Tennessee School Event

Tennessee is part of a wave of states banning books and silencing classroom discussions about racism.

Amanda Gorman Gives First Interview Since Her Book Was Restricted By A Florida School On “CBS Mornings”

"Just because a book is still technically in circulation doesn't mean that the access to that book has been preserved," Gorman said in the interview.

Florida School Limits Access To Poem By Black Poet Read At Biden Inauguration

After a parental complaint, Amanda Gorman’s ‘The Hill We Climb’ was placed on a restricted list.

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore Blasts Politicians For Wave Of Book Bannings

The nation’s only Black governor urges Morehouse’s graduating class to be vigilant about attempts to erase our history.

Why Spotsylvania Va., Banned Two Toni Morrison Books From School Libraries

Conservative groups are targeting books about the Black experience for censorship, library officials say.
Black Girls Rock! honors Toni Morrison.

National Uproar and Lawsuit Prompt Missouri School Board to Reverse Ban On Toni Morrison Book

Missouri School Board Reverses Ban On Toni Morrison Book After Uproar

OPINION: The Story Will Be Told — Banning Books Can’t Erase Our Truth

‘All Boys Aren’t Blue’ author George M. Johnson writes about the resiliency of Black storytelling.