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15-Year Old Chicago Teen Shot 24 Times After Buying Snacks

Sincere Cole was described as hardworking and creative, but became the latest victim of violence in a city that continues to struggle.

2021 Was Chicago’s Deadliest Year Since 1996, With More Killings Than NYC or L.A.

2021 Was Chicago’s Deadliest Year Since 1996

DJ Squeak, 26, Of Pivot Gang Shot And Killed In Chicago

The Chicago DJ was shot with his uncle

Girl, 7, Among Those Killed In Rash Of Chicago Weekend Gun Violence

A total of 56 people were shot.

Chicago Girl, 7, Shot And Killed In McDonald’s Drive-Thru

A suspect has not yet been identified.

Mass Shooting on Chicago South Side Spurred By ‘Petty’ Fight Kills 2, Wounds 13

Gun violence in the city has sharply increased over 2020.

Nine-Year-Old Chicago Boy Killed Playing Outside

Five children have died from gun violence since mid June.

Chicago 5-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Hand Just A Year And Half After Getting Struck In The Jaw By A Stray Bullet

The boy's father is accused of illegally obtaining the gun.

Heartbreak As 15-Year-Old Is Gunned Down While Working To Save Money For His Sister's Birthday Present And A Date Night With His Girlfriend

Brian Jasso's family have set up a GoFundMe for his funeral.

'Send the Feds to End Institutional Racism,' People Went Off on Trump for Disrespectful Tweet About Chicago 'Carnage'

Many say he is ignoring cities with higher murder rates.