Seven Shot By Unidentified Assailant in Orlando

A fight broke out, and the shooter managed to fire into the crowd and get away.

Autopsy Report Reveals Tyre Sampson Was Almost 100 Pounds Over The Weight Limit To Ride Amusement Park Ride

The 14-year-old burgeoning football star should have never been on the ride.

Orlando Woman Allegedly Killed By 10-Year-Old Girl While Fighting The Child’s Mother

The hostility reportedly stemmed from a social media post, but officials say it ended when a child took a gun from a bag her mother handed her.

Improper Adjustments To Florida Amusement Park Ride May Have Caused Tyre Sampson’s Tragic Death

The 14-year-old died after falling from the Orlando FreeFall drop tower in Florida, but now a report reveals more about what went wrong.

Safety Expert Blames Operator Error For Death Of Tyre Sampson On Florida Amusement Park Ride

He was clearly ‘not harnessed properly,’ according to the independent assessment.

Florida Jury Recommends Death Penalty For Man Convicted Of Killing Black Orlando Police Officer

Florida Jury Recommends Executing Man Convicted In Killing of Black Orlando Cop