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Biz Markie Illness: Rap Stars Including Fat Joe, Missy Elliot, Chuck D And More Send Up Prayers

The rap icon is reportedly seriously ill.

Chuck D Says Older Politicians Should Make Way For Younger Generation

Public Enemy founder says young people should take the lead.

Flavor Flav Denies Hoax Claims From Chuck D After Their Public Fallout

“There are more serious things in the world right now...”

Chuck D Reveals Flavor Flav Beef Was A Hoax

“I was tired of [bullsh**].”

Flavor Flav Responds To Chuck D: ‘You Wanna Destroy Something We’ve Built Over 35 Years Over Politics?’

“...there is no Public Enemy without Flavor Flav.”

Isaac Hayes, Public Enemy And More To Receive Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

Legends are being honored for their contributions to music.

Chuck D Is Suing A Publishing Company For Copyrights To 28 Of Public Enemy’s Songs

He is suing for full ownership to his music.

In Case You Thought Flavor Flav Had Beef With Chuck D...

"Don't get it twisted, we will fix it!"

Hip-Hop Songs to Get You Through the News That Trump Was Elected

Here are some rap songs for the perfect #woke soundtrack.

When Hip-Hop Is More Progressive Than the Country That Birthed It

Rap music always has a way of pushing us forward.