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Florida Teacher Quits After Posters Of Black Leaders Were Seized By School District Employee

Some are blaming Gov. DeSantis’ ‘culture war’ for the incident.

Florida Governor Proposes Law to Ban CRT in Schools

DeSantis Claims CRT is “Corporate-Sanctioned Racism”

Political Novice Ohio Parents Swept To School Board Victories Campaigning On Fear Of Critical Race Theory

Republicans plan to use this issue to retake Congress in 2022.

NAACP Sues Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Over CARES Act Rule Change Affecting Schools

DeVos is accused of trying to benefit private schools.

Video Shows Angry, Rich, White Parents Protesting Plan For Schools To Bring In More Black Students

Many say the incident reveals how the racism of liberals.

Obama Highlights Push for Better Skilled Teachers

President calls for experienced teachers at all schools.

U.S. Teachers Not as Racially Diverse as Their Classrooms

Fewer than 1 in 5 of public school teachers is nonwhite.

Philadelphia School System Faces a Cheating Investigation

Philadelphia has the nation's 10th largest school system.