Bipartisan Senate Group Pledges Gun Control Support After Buffalo and Uvalde Shootings

Ten Republican and ten Democratic Senators come together in numbers to defeat any potential filibuster.

3 Things To Know About Senate Democrats Failure to Change Filibuster Rule

3 Things To Know About Senate Democrats Filibuster Failure

Opinion: To Honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Biden Should Take Action To Protect Black Voters

Despite bringing up the filibuster, the president’s words mean nothing without action from him and the Democrats

Kyrsten Sinema’s Refusal to Consider Changing the Filibuster Could Doom Voting Rights Legislation

The Arizona Senator’s refusal places President Joe Biden in a position where he may be unable to fulfill his promise to Black voters.

Biden Urges End to Filibuster in Call for Voting Rights: “I’m Tired of Being Quiet!”

In a stark speech the president urged Senate action to protect Americans’ right to vote and says he will support rule changes.

Sen. Chuck Schumer Hints New Strategy To Move Voting Rights Bill Forward

Sen. Chuck Schumer To Try New Way Of Moving Forward With Voting Rights

Exclusive: SiriusXM Host Joe Madison Explains Why He Won't Eat Until Congress Passes Voting Rights Bill

The radio legend and civil rights activist says what he is doing is intended to send a message about voting rights, and he’s taking a page from the playbook of Dick Gregory.

Stacey Abrams Says Voting Reform Bill Should Be Exempt From Filibuster

The procedural debate can threaten the bill.

Sen. Marco Rubio Invokes Jay-Z to Stall Obama Nominee

Rubio quotes hip hop artists to make point on Senate floor.