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Keith Ellison Reflects In New Book On Derek Chauvin Prosecution In George Floyd Case

Minnesota’s attorney general had sleepless nights because the video was not enough for a conviction.

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison Attempting To Stop George Floyd Trial From Being Televised

He is concerned about the safety of witnesses.

Black Minnesota Attorney General Takes Over George Floyd Murder Prosecution

Keith Ellison will review the current charges.

[Watch] ABC News Hosts Laughed at Black Politician Who Warned of Trump's Nomination

Keith Ellison is a prophet, but nobody took him seriously.

Obama's Unenviable Challenge: Selling an ISIS Strategy to an Insecure Nation

President must convince Americans he knows what he's doing.
Keith Ellison

Throwback Thursday With Rep. Keith Ellison

The Minnesota lawmaker knew how to play ball.

Black Unemployment Rate Fell to 12.5 Percent in November

The overall unemployment rate fell to 7 percent.