UNITED STATES - NOVEMBER 18:  Spike Lee wearing a T-shirt from his movie "She's Gotta Have It."  (Photo by NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

This Day in Black History: March 20, 1957

Director Spike Lee is born.
Atlanta Teen Shot and Killed by Fake Police  - Trayvon Martin, 17, was recently the victim of gunfire by a community watch volunteer, and now authorities are investigating a shooting in which two African-American security guards are said to have shot and killed 18-year-old Ervin Jefferson last week just minutes away from his home in metro Atlanta.  Police confirmed the young man was shot by security guards from the Village at Wesley Chapel Apartments, located minutes from Jefferson’s home in DeKalb, Georgia. (Photo: Courtesy CBS Atlanta)

Atlanta Teen Shot and Killed by Fake Police

Two security guards allegedly fatally shot Ervin Jefferson.
Florida, education

Cheating in School Is Nationwide Dilemma

Nearly 200 school districts have "suspicious" test scores.

A Weekend of Rallies in the Streets and Churches for Trayvon Martin

Hoodies were worn across the country for Trayvon Martin.
Teacher in Atlanta Cheating Scandal Is Fired - The first teacher in the massive cheating scandal that rocked Atlanta Public Schools was fired on Wednesday. A panel of educators voted to fire former Parks Middle School teacher Damany Lewis after the teacher confessed to cheating for four straight years. Damany admitted to using a razor blade to cut into test booklets and make copies for other teachers to provide to their students.(Photo: Atlanta Public Schools)

Teacher in Atlanta Cheating Scandal Is Fired

Hearings for 179 teachers are scheduled throughout March.
Atlanta Daily World

This Day in Black History: March 13, 1932

Atlanta Daily World newspaper published daily.
KKK Flyers Found in Georgia Yards  - Residents in a suburban Georgia town were in for a surprise when they recently found not the daily paper, but a flyer recruiting for the Ku Klux Klan in their yard. Last week flyers were left in plastic bags featured a drawing of a Klan member in a hood with the note, “Neighborhood Watch: You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake!”(Photo: Fox News Atlanta)

KKK Flyers Found in Georgia Yards

KKK trying to recruit Georgia residents with flyer.

Rev. Sharpton Raises Voting Rights Awareness in Atlanta

Next month the leader will host a rally to protest new laws.

Third Suspect in Videotaped Gay-Beating in Custody

Darael Damare Williams turned himself in.