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Chuck Schumer To Receive Highest Honor For HBCU Support

The majority leader accepted the prestigious Fredrick D. Patterson Award at the UNCF National Gala on March 2.

Sen. Chuck Schumer Calls Out Rupert Murdoch And Fox News Execs

Schumer urges Fox News and to stop touting white supremacist ‘Great Replacement Theory’ echoed by Buffalo mass murderer.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson Likely to Be Confirmed In Senate Vote After Procedure Moves Forward

With the assurance that all Democratic senators and three republicans will vote to confirm, Jackson will become the first Black woman on the nation’s highest court.

Senate Democrats Explain Plans On Voting Rights and Student Loan Forgiveness

The Democratic Caucus members spoke with Black members of the media on issues they say would most benefit Black voters.

OPINION: NAACP President Derrick Johnson And Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Call For Biden To Finally Put An End To Student Loan Debt

In an exclusive Op/Ed, the two leaders explain why they want the President to cancel the tremendous financial burden that weighs so heavily on Black borrowers.

3 Things To Know About Senate Democrats Failure to Change Filibuster Rule

3 Things To Know About Senate Democrats Filibuster Failure

Sen. Chuck Schumer Hints New Strategy To Move Voting Rights Bill Forward

Sen. Chuck Schumer To Try New Way Of Moving Forward With Voting Rights

Dem Lawmakers Cry Foul After Senate GOP Rejects Voting Rights Bill

In a close vote, Republicans thwart the legislation that would have protected vulnerable Americans from voter suppression.

EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Chuck Schumer Promises a Solution to GOP-Led Efforts to Curb Voting Rights

Despite being blocked by Republicans, the Senate Majority Leader says he is confident that voting rights will be protected.

Sen. Chuck Schumer Talks Police Reform, Voting Rights And Black-Owned Businesses

The top Senate Democrat faces significant challenges.

Cardi B’s NSFW Rant Against Trump Was So Good, Senators Debated Retweeting The Video

Some think the rapper should deliver the State of Union.