Black Man Sues For Wrongful Arrest After Facial Recognition Software Misidentified Him

A detective relied solely on a technology with a high rate of misidentifying Black people, the lawsuit says.

The Weight of the State: Much on the Line for Louisiana’s Primary Elections

Louisiana’s voters have a lot to consider as they head to the polls to pick their new governor.

Two Black Female High School Seniors May Have Discovered a New Proof For 2,000-Year-Old Math Theorem

Calcea Johnson and Ne'Kiya Jackson of Louisiana gave a presentation at the American Mathematical Society's Annual Southeastern Conference.

NAACP Urging 'Extreme Caution' For Visitors To Louisiana

Several bills targeting LGBTQ people are currently being considered at the Louisiana state legislature.

DOJ Accuses Louisiana Of 'Routinely' Keeping Inmates Locked Up Past Release Dates

‘Our investigation uncovered evidence of systemic violations,’ Assistant Atty Gen. Kristen Clarke says.

Black Louisiana Voters 'Embarrassed’ By State’s Failure To Pass Anti-Slavery Amendment

Four other states removed forced servitude from their state constitutions during November’s elections.

Louisiana Voters Reject Ballot Measure To Abolish Slavery, Involuntary Servitude

Five states asked voters on Election Day whether to removing constitutional language that permits slavery as a form of criminal punishment.

Louisiana Mayor Running For Re-Election Tragically Dies In Car Wreck On Election Day

Velma D. Hendrix, 84, was a longtime educator in St. Landry Parish before entering politics.

Mystikal Pleads For Judge To Allow Him To Bond Out Of Jail As He Awaits Trial

The rapper is on trial for an alleged rape that took place at his Louisiana home.